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’ve proudly witnessed designers respond to waste’s pressing call by launching their own upcycled brands, left right and centre, including The R Collective upcycled fashion model that was born from Redress. Birkinbine (2020) identifies exceptions in his overview about FLOSS and hacker cultures, corresponding to Moglen’s (2003) dotCommunist Manifesto and Kleiner’s (2010) Telekomunist Manifesto, each of that are knowledgeable by radical left politics. Similarly, proposals for platform cooperativism (Scholz and Schneider 2016) present concrete proposals for integrating labour politics with hacker culture. The mixture of open knowledge and useful resource sharing with materials empowerment are described on this literature as helping makers to critique or resist shopper tradition. Roedl, S. Bardzell, and J. Bardzell (2015) carried out a discourse analysis of 191 papers related to maker culture and discussed how the idea of empowerment was employed.3 Before discussing their overview, it is value briefly acknowledging that Roedl, S. Bardzell, and J. Bardzell (2015) check with “empowerment” and don’t use the phrase “self-empowerment.” However, their account largely identifies rhetoric of empowerment arising from the self, and I’m concerned with this aspect of the term.

On this chapter I focus on people who find themselves engaged in making for the IndieWeb and determine their particular person empowerment by this course of. Engaged on Yarns uncovered me to the actual work involved in building for the IndieWeb, and particularly made visible a set of tensions between pursuing my individual goals and achieving interoperability with different IndieWeb software, which led to each technical and philosophical compromises. Given the nature of IndieWeb, the people concerned in this research generally have a strong awareness of how knowledge is stored and used on the web, so there’s little likelihood they are unaware that their knowledge is public, archived, and listed on the open Web. Even with IndieWeb’s chat logs being publicly archived, I’m cautious about presenting direct quotations. Before proceeding to a extra specific description of IndieWeb’s motivations, I talk about how autonomy and self-empowerment have been described in scholarship about communities just like IndieWeb.  A rtic le w᠎as g​enerated  by shodoshin Conte nt Gen᠎erat or Demov er᠎si​on᠎.

With that caveat, earlier scholarship about values in FLOSS communities supplies vital background to know what motivates IndieWeb’s contributors. I acknowledge that IndieWeb is barely largely FLOSS because there are examples of closed-source IndieWeb software, and these have been embraced by the neighborhood. Scholarship about Free (Libre) and Open Source Software (FLOSS) communities additionally provides a beneficial foundation for understanding IndieWeb. G. Coleman (2004) asserted the chief moral objective of FLOSS communities is “a dedication to stop limiting the freedom of others” (p. The liberty of free software, while influenced by wider liberal sensibilities, is fundamentally formed by the pragmatics of programming and the social context of Internet use. This account presents a multi-faceted definition of empowerment spanning across materials and social relations. Methodologically, this chapter presents results from my participant-commentary and interviews, together with a description of my very own experiences building IndieWeb software. Her shoes have been worn by many celebrities, together with Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and more. These are just a few of the extra apparent ideas to contemplate when trying at the business. Ultimately, particular person web sites are the central unit of the IndieWeb. In many instances, some components of private websites are launched underneath open supply licenses, but not the whole site.

Some folks use their websites as public figures, publishing polished editorials and articles which are clearly intended to face on their own. This doesn’t entail softening my interpretations of broader patterns and trends (until I learn of a major blind spot) but as an alternative aims to make sure I do not inadvertently harm participants’ reputations by amplifying public statements with out vital context. To address this concern, I’ve provided to send direct quotations to members prematurely to allow them to validate my presentation of their statements. Actually, one of the individuals whom I requested about using quotations from chat voiced a concern about context collapse. IndieAuth allows people to log-in by validating their control of a personal domain identify (similar to using Facebook Connect to log into a 3rd-celebration site using one’s Facebook credentials). Instead, parts of my site may be re-used by others in their very own manner. Instead, it offers the user a normal sense of reference and steering in approaching empirical situations.

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